Obs recommended settings

obs recommended settings

The estimator is no longer available. In general there is no perfect way to find the best settings for your system other than through experimentation. Aim for the. Stream Settings Estimator. What kind of CPU do you have? Intel Core i5 / i7 2nd Gen or above (eg Sandy / Ivy Bridge, Haswell or higher), Intel 1st Gen Core i5. Best OBS Studio Settings, Part 1 - Bitrate, Twitch Server, and Stream . as far as settings go I've ended up configuring OBS like recommended.

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Witch usually means different answers also. Good guides with YT videos would be awesome to have though. I'll try it out the next time I stream and see if it helps, thanks for letting me know! This way more people can watch your stream without buffering. Directly calling out or providing enough information to cause a witch-hunt of another user is not allowed. Your most likely not going to be able to stream and play well. Have you used the new Raids feature?

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If not, should I raise the bitrate up? Link threads are restricted. Thank you for this! Encoding preset is hidden by default value defaults to very fast , I think. If you want to check out the most current version you can check it out here.. Folks over here are awesome and really helpful! Other then that great guide defently. obs recommended settings If you want to check out the most current version you can check it out here. Use of this site constitutes texas presly of our User Agreement and Privacy Destiny deville bukkake. I use joicaster rather than restream paris hiltons nude video but it slightly increased delay on sites you'd use for near zero delay femdom italiano my beam. Thanks for checking out the guide also btw! Hopefully they will help out: Finger in ass while fucking tried looking around for answers, but people usually point to hardware or connection issues and from porno. com I gathered my setup should be okay. But we need certain things to help you out even faster. Output Scaled Resolution is the final resolution you are sending to our servers. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to chime in! Twitch Bandwidth Test tool. Was this article helpful? So let's go on the good part! Here you can choose your language and delightfulhug squirt a light or dark theme. Repetitive topics covers anything that the community feels is posted too much. Hopefully they will help out: Downscale filter defaults to Lanczos which doesn't have noticable impact anyway and kreyframe interval is automatically set by selecting Twitch. If you're able to follow everything mentioned in OP's post, you should have the technical knowhow to do what I mentioned. Any live stream requires either a software or hardware encoder to encode a live video feed into the correct format for streaming to your OVP Online Video Platform. Go to "Output" in the list on the left Output Mode: It's good to have a friend or a viewer watching your stream while you test these settings out. This may include your webcam microphone, your desktop audio output i. You are totally right and these can help out also: Twitch Bandwidth Test tool. You can use this template if you are having problems. If you choose lower resolutions this can help reducing your processing CPU power as well as the use of bandwidth. I just never believed that my hardware would have any issues with higher settings but, sure enough, once I changed back those settings my stream was silky smooth and looked great at what I had convinced myself were unacceptable resolution and FPS settings. I have helped a few dozen of people with there stream. Output Scaled Resolution is the final resolution you are sending to our servers. Repetitive topics will be removed - you should use the search function before posting.

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